How to take your photos

Lighting & positioning tips:

  • ✔ Take a selfie or have a friend take photo for you (& ideally they can participate too!)
  • ✔ Make sure you don’t have any shadows on or across your face

You can ensure this by:

  • ✔ Don’t stand under a light source. Instead, choose a place where the light source is behind the photographer/camera
  • ✔ Stand 0.5 meter in front of your backdrop & have your photographer stand 1-1.5meters away from you
  • ✔ Choose a backdrop/wall of any colour but with no objects behind you
  • ✔ Look directly at the camera for all expressions

1. Take five images face on, each with one of the following expressions:

  • Overly happy (i.e. one mouth smile with teeth showing)
  • Happy (i.e. smiling - closed mouth)
  • Neutral
  • Angry
  • Sad

2. Email the images through to: [email protected]

  • We are really grateful for your participation in this project!

See below examples for guidance